TA Tube

  • As compared to fluorocarbon PTFE (Poly-tetra fluoroetylene) the inner surface is much smoother, dramatically reducing particulate and fungal adhesion.
  • Excellent chemical resistance permits TA tube use with virtually almost all fluid.
  • TA tube transparency permits confirmation of liquid contents.
  • TA tube can be used with high-temperature (maximum: 260 C, 500 F)
Application Clean air, Chemicals, Gasses
Material Fluorocarbon PFA (Tetra- fluoroetylene, perfluoro-alkyl-vinylether copolymer)
Color Semi transparent
Temperature Range -65 C ~ 260 C (-85 F ~ 500 F) for air
0 C ~ 150 C (32 F ~ 302 F) for water
Standard Length 20M, 100M
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